Hey guys<3

Sorry I didn’t post today/yesterday! I was busehhhh.

I managed some time to work on some things for yall though.  Not finished just yet!

*sad face*

I know.  I’m horrible. ^^

I’ll try to give yall some things to upload.



It’s hereeeeee!!!


I finished the head! I got pms saying people would upload it so I finished it. Thanks to Itsu, I got the template. Partial credit to Rhy/Savannah for helping awhile ago. If you have any problems or would like me to fix something, send me a pm or email! My ingame name is ToxicTaz <G3 *Nyx (WICCA) and my email is on the feedback page. Enjoy, girls!

Upload link: http://loginclassic1.graalonline.com:8080/submit.html



Coming soooooonn

Coming soooooonn

Hey all! Ok so this head has been made for awhile and my dear friend Rhy had it and didn’t want me to post it, but she quit and doesnt care anymore so ya. I lost the file (of course..) but I had a pic of it – so I copied it off and then tweaked it up. This is what I came up with. So, I’m gonna ask Rhy if she has the file, but I just wanted to do this so badly I did the first row. Lolz
So If yall like this then let me know if I should finish it, cause everything I do on Gimp takes time and I don’t have much of it.. I want to make sure it is something that will be enjoyed. Cya guys<3